jueves, 6 de enero de 2011


The Saxons, at the dark side, with the exception of some from Ireland are simple and so stingy, so selfish, so skimp, remember that the AWL, tries to make very consumer and saver people, in lack of be care and social conscious, but as a single person, they use to be charming, without the capacity of deep compromise (as we understood this), and specially if this compromise includes expenses. No mercy, with some cold blood and trying to "make the best of you workout". Because for them, there is always a (you and I), together, and only for some special dates, meetings or circumstances use the "us". «no es fácíl ser latino, generoso, entregado  y amoroso en esas latitudes» they just don't understand. At most they aspire to is to be company (the concept of partnership is for psychoanalysis and therapy), if that receive, because, they don't give anything without being sure they receive at least the same, so they are, offcourse, just at that side.

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